Norton Error 8504 [Solved]- Methods to Troubleshoot

While updating the Norton Software on your device or while newly installing the Norton Software there are some instances where you might encounter some installation errors that can lead to failure. The Norton Error 8504 generally occurs when you are trying to install Norton Security Software with corrupted or damaged Installation files. However, there are some tools and ways available that can help you in troubleshooting these errors. In this article, we will discuss how you can troubleshoot this error quickly.Norton Error 8504

We have discussed above, there could be various possible reasons that can cause Norton Error 8504. Below we have listed some of the causes that can help you in troubleshooting this error.

  • ┬áIf you are trying to Install Norton Security Software on a device with existing Norton or any other security software.
  • System Compatibility or incorrect configuration with your device can also cause this error.
  • An incomplete or fail Update of the software can also cause this error.

Norton Error 8504 issues that occur

We have listed below all the possible Norton Error 8504 that you might encounter on your screen.

  • Norton error 8504 and 104
  • Norton error 8504 5
  • Norton Error Code 8504 101
  • Norton error 8504 0
  • Norton Error 8504 102
  • Norton error 8504 and 100
  • Norton Error 8504 106

How to Fix Norton Error 8504?

In order to troubleshoot this error, you will be needed to fix all the possible issues that can cause this error. Our team of experts has listed below some best troubleshooting methods. Make sure to follow these methods in order to fix the error completely from your device.Norton Error

Method: 1 Uninstall Norton or Other Security Software

While installing an Antivirus in your device, If you have a previously installed norton or any other security software in your device then it can cause an issue. the Antivirus can block the software to install on your device. hence, You need to first uninstall the software from your device.

  • Go to the desktop screen and then click on the start menu and go to the control panel window.
  • You can also press the Windows key and then search the control panel directly to open it.
  • Now open the program and features a window on the screen. This will show you the list of all the programs installed on your device.
  • Select the Norton or other security software that you want to uninstall and then click on Uninstall/change option.
  • Now a window will be open on the screen to confirm the Uninstallation process. Click on Uninstall Button.
  • Now in the opened window, Enter the Login Credentials of your admin account and click on ok to start the uninstallation process.
  • After that wait until the software is completely removed from your device and then restart your device.

After removing the existing software, try installing the Norton Security Software to check if the error has been resolved or not. if you are still unable to install the software then you can proceed to the next method.

Method:2 Norton Removal And Reinstall ToolNorton Removal Tool

In case of uninstalling the software manually, there are some files of Norton Software which can be left. Hence, It is advisable to use the Norton Removal and Re-installation tool for clean removal and installation of the software. the Norton Removal Software will automatically locate all the Norton related files and delete it permanently. You can follow the steps mentioned below to download and run the Norton Removal Tool on your device.

  • Open a Browser and go to
  • Now open the Norton Removal Tool Download page and click on the Download button.
  • Now go to the folder where the download file is stored and then double-click on the file to start the installation process.
  • Complete the installation process and then start the tool.
  • Now Click on the advanced options and mark the checkbox of “Remove only”.
  • Click on Remove and then wait until the process completes and then restart your device.

So After successfully removing the software, go to and download a fresh installation file. Run the Norton Installer file and activate the software. However, In case, if it’s still showing some error then you might need to get some technical assistance in order to fix this error. You can either contact the customer assistance service at norton or you can go to and troubleshoot the error manually by following the mentioned guidelines.